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Stiff high torso orthosis

An orthosis, which strengthens lumbo sacral section of thespine and muscles of bottom part of the back.The structure of Ortoscan is based on modular system, consisting of three elements:

• basic part (lumbosacral),
• back panel,
• tightening belts.

Ortoscan orthosis is equipped with stiffening whale bones, which are made of plastic. They are made to order, on the basis of 3D scan.

Stiff low torso orthosis

Ortoscan orthosisis equipped with stiffening whale bones made of plastic. The whale bones are made to order. They are anatomically shaped for a patient on the basis of 3D scan. Such solution enables to adjust an orthosis to curvature of the back of a patient and choose an optimal variant. It stabilizes lumbar section of the spine.

Because Ortoscan orthoses have pockets that enable to take whale bones out, washing corset is easy.

Therefore, it makes easier for people with paresis and hand dysfunction to wear a corset.

OTS – Orthotic Therapeutic System
It is acomprehensive therapeutic system with the use of personalized Ortoscan orthoses. It has been created as a result of many years of experience of doctors and physiotherapists, using up-to-date technological solutions .


– modern rehabilitation,
– personalized, adjusted orthosis,
– optimal therapeutic effect,
– high comfort of use,
– annual verification of a patient’s figure,

– free physiotherapy instructions concerning the use of an orthosis,
– individual recommendations of exercises during the process of rehabilitation,
– a set of OTS-line exercises,
– permanent, direct care and help of rehabilitation staff.

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